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Jun 172016

Since sharing the link to the previous post “Inselaffen” on FB, it has been re-shared and commented on. I must point out again that that post was not written with the purpose of insulting or offending anyone; its sole purpose was to air my own personal mixed emotions (dare I say ‘anxieties‘?) about my currently vulnerable position in the UK and, frankly, to get that sh*t off my chest and out of my system.

It is meant to provide an insight into how many of us Europeans are feeling right now, but of course it’s a very personal viewpoint and not in any way representative of the rest of our 5% population in the UK.

Among the comment thread on FB was this:

Thanks, it is nice to read a different perspective, (being one of those mono-linguals my options are limited, and frankly I’m just fed up with the media rubbish!)

Many European media outlets produce content in English, so being monolingual should not present much of a barrier to getting access to news in neighbouring countries. But perhaps you don’t know where to start. Here is a very short, non-comprehensive, (mostly) non-vetted list of European news sources for you:











This list is a very brief starting point. It’s the result of random Googling rather than some complex systematic process. Lots of countries publish news in English, and if you would like even more choice, then consult this directory of European papers in English  

Pick a country – heck, pick two! – and read stuff. Get to know your European neighbours’ concerns, try to understand what makes them laugh and cry, what they are struggling with, what they celebrate. Get an insight into their daily lives. Really engage and empathise. Open your mind and discover stuff beyond the surface of the stereotype. I dare you, be a little bit more European! 😉

Personally, here’s what I consume:

Sadly, my Spanish is too ropy these days to cope with spoken broadcast news. Something to work on and fix at some point. 🙂